i hope my prof gets an editor before he publishes his book next year…

i hope my prof gets an editor before he publishes his book next year…



Had a dream just now that Macklemore was named TIME magazine’s Most Muggable Musician and he showed up at an interview to accept the award and they mugged him

What’s the point of mugging someone who only has $20 in their pocket


disabled children need to know that they’re worth more than being inspirational objects for abled adults



everything’s so funny when u use the wrong measurement:

  • 5 gallons of homework
  • mouthful of lint
  • 20 degrees of facial oil
  • 7 pints of china
  • handful of fergi
  • 60 mph of dad





stop doing things in unison you adorable little jerKs

God dammit

A thing I love about Gravity Falls is the twins’ personalities are so distinct, you sometimes forget they’re twins. Yet at the same time they will often do ‘twin’ things like move or talk in unison. They’re their own characters yet they are also a set, and that healthy balance is a great characterization.


Cis people care more about the classification a dwarf planet they’re never going to actually see more than the recognition of trans people’s genders even though they are almost guaranteed to see trans people in their lives (even if they don’t realise it). Like, great, thanks for reminding me that the lives of real people like me matter less to you than a hunk of rock and ice on the edge of the solar system.


"never give in" - clint tillman reid


"never give in" - clint tillman reid


This Man With Severe Cerebral Palsy Created Mind-Blowing Art Using Just A Typewriter

Last year, 22-time Emmy award-winning reporter John Stofflet posted this news video he created for KING-TV in 2004, featuring Paul Smith and his artistic talents.

See the full video to see more of Smith’s artworks and to learn more about his inspiring story go here.